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Lekram's first exposure to furniture reupholstery in the New York City area was through a upholstery workroom in midtown called City workroom there he worked for some very famous clients of his employers ,he was part of the upholstery crew that was sent to work on Ralph Lauren Polo stores in Chicago and West Palm to do upholstery work for their opening.City workroom closed its doors and he moved on to many other well recognized workshops through it all with the yearning to start his own business.

In November 2006 Panache was realized.....a small business that is operated on a part time basis since Lekhram still works part time for furniture designer Dakota Jackson at his Queens New York factory.
His office is managed by his spouse Esardai,while he does the upholstering.

Lekhram's client comes from all of New York and with no  major advertising he depends on his customers to spread the word thus far he is growing and like any business owner one day hope to move on to where he doesn't have to do all the work ...yes lekhram is the main upholsterer since most of the time his work load only allow for two to three extra hires.

Lekhram is skilled in all aspect of furniture reupholstery services,his  passion for reupholstery is reflected in the beautiful coverings that he creates. An ability to collaborate with designers, contractors, and his residential clients have earned him a well deserved reputation as a true professional.

Some of Lekhram's professional affiliations include:

  • Furniture reupholstery for Chandlier Creative
  • Eleventwoelevendesigns.
  • Closette

Panache Upholstery Inc.
(718) 848-8449
196-40 Foothill Ave
By appointment only.

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